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Doctor led medical wellness

About us

Sophie Riddell

MPharmS IP | Clinical Pharmacist Prescriber | Vale Infuse Co-founder

Sophie is an Advanced Clinical Pharmacist Prescriber with a passion for health and well-being. She graduated with a master's degree in Pharmacy in 2004 and gained her independent prescriber qualification in 2009. With 19 years of experience as a Clinical Pharmacist, Sophie spent 5 years as the Lead Nutritional Pharmacist at an NHS trust, gaining intricate knowledge of nutrition and hydration, and supporting patients on lifelong intravenous therapies.

Sophie works closely with national patient safety organisations and was recognised in the House of Lords in 2018 for her commitment to patient safety. Sophie’s venture into private practice was driven by her commitment to empower patients to make informed health choices. She is dedicated to a patient-centred approach, focusing on patient safety, education and empowerment.

“We are delighted and proud to partner with Effect Doctors, and welcome you to Vale Infuse. We believe there has never been a more important time to take control of your health and wellbeing and here at Vale Infuse, we can support you on your journey to a life of longevity and vitality.”

Dr Anne Alison

General Practitioner and Wellness Consultant | Vale Infuse Co-founder

Dr Alison is a GP partner at Cowbridge and Vale medical practice, bringing over two decades of medical expertise and clinical experience to Vale Infuse. With a comprehensive understanding of wellness, Dr Alison approaches patient care from a holistic perspective, considering all aspects of physical and emotional well-being.

Dr Alison has a special interest in Menopause care and Lifestyle Medicine and is a member of the BMS (British Menopause Society) and BSLM (British Soc of Lifestyle Medicine). Her passion for these areas reflects a deep understanding of how various factors, such as hormonal changes and lifestyle choices, interact to influence overall health. Her unique, broad-minded and personal approach allows her to complement wellness and lifestyle choices alongside conventional medical practice to optimise health and wellbeing.

At Vale Infuse, Dr Alison will oversee blood analysis and meticulously examine results to identify any deficiencies in individuals. This will allow us to tailor a bespoke infusion plan to address each person’s unique needs.

Dr Joanna Hyam

Senior GP

Dr. Hyam, a Cardiff University graduate since 2012, holds an additional honours degree in Clinical Epidemiology, further enriching her medical expertise. With experience across South East Wales, she has found her home in Cardiff and Vale as a Senior General Practitioner.

Dr. Hyam is not only an experienced Senior General Practitioner but also a dedicated educator, with postgraduate qualifications in medical education. Driven by her passions in women’s health, child health, and shared decision-making, she brings a holistic approach to patient care.

Dr Kelly Adams

Senior GP

Dr. Adams, a 2013 graduate of Cardiff Medical School, brings a wealth of experience to our practice. Her foundation training took her to the North East of England, and she completed her GP training in Cardiff and Vale, gaining invaluable insights at the University Hospital of Wales and other local practices.

Dr. Adams is driven by a profound passion for holistic care, with a strong focus on well-being, nutrition, and mental health. She possesses expertise in joint injections, and her areas of interest include women’s health, menopause, and child health.

Rosalyn Neale

Operations Manager Vale Infuse

Rosalyn is an experienced Office Manager and Administration Professional with 20 years of experience across various sectors. Rosalyn’s forte lies in her ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, ensuring operational and service excellence.

Involved in coordinating all the business aspects of Vale Infuse, Rosalyn ensures that the operational systems in place provide high-quality patient care and experience.

Rosalyn also supports the Practice Manager and the Vale Wellness clinical team with delivering our wide range of patient services.

Jo Llewelyn Jones

Practice Manager for Vale Wellness

Jo has diverse experience across an array of industries, including education, training, marketing, property, beauty, healthcare, fashion, the art world, and start-ups. As Practice Manager, she takes charge of overseeing and enhancing our services, ensuring we maintain excellence across the board.

Jo enjoys supporting our GPs and Consultants to ensure that our patients receive the best care both inside and outside of the consulting room. She takes great pride in the Vale Wellness team and the fantastic service they provide.

She is dedicated to ensuring your whole experience at Vale Wellness is of the highest quality and to assist our fantastic team of GPs and Clinicians in helping you live life better.

Judith Trotman

Phlebotomist & HCA

Jude Trotman is a highly accomplished Biomedical Support Nurse and Phlebotomist with over sixteen years of experience. Jude has worked for Marie Curie within the Community District Nurse Team and has been with NHS Prince of Wales since 2018.

Her diverse range of clinical skills includes counselling, palliative care, assistance in medication, ECGs, Phlebotomy.

A Message from Sophie Riddell

“In an ideal world, a nutrient-dense diet, eight hours of restorative sleep and a daily dose of exercise would keep us on top of our game, but it’s not always that simple. Daily demands, busy schedules, workouts squeezed into rare pockets of spare time, and the occasional late night and overindulgence mean that sometimes our best intentions don’t always go as planned.

At times we need to press the reset button, rejuvenate, and get back to feeling like ourselves. Caring for your body makes sense, after all, you only get one in this life. By listening to our bodies and taking good care of them, we can reach optimal levels of health and vitality.

At Vale Infuse we think that everyone should feel their best self, so we developed our IV Therapy services to encourage the preventative practice of optimising health and wellness by giving your body the much-needed nutrients it needs to be at its best.

Our IV service is completely personalised and bespoke to your particular needs and can help slow down or reverse the adverse effects that a life lived at full speed can cause. We can also provide you with advice and support on diet, nutrition and wellness to fully optimise your wellbeing and longevity.

All of our Drips and Booster Shots are administered by our healthcare staff, consisting of registered Doctors, pharmacists and nurses.”